What is the first step to reverse Muscular Dystrophy?

The First Step is to heal the Gut!

Why this step?

When I asked Dr Raj, the detoxification expert :”Now we are treating the leaky gut ?”

He answered me :”Yes that’s what we need to do first, detoxification is then very easy…All the World is now looking for the solution to eliminate the heavy metals..”

The tone and the certainty of his tone’s voice confirm me that he does know how to do it.

And healing the gut is the first and most important step.

Muscular dystrophy is a malnutrition problem and nutritional deficiency (cf Muscular Dystrophy: the Truth )

Have you heard about the leaky gut syndrome ?

Here are some of the reactions, as you see as those toxins, food particles pass to the blood stream and lymphatic vessels , its creating loads of inflammation and immune disorders .

leaky gut pic

In order to stop the inflammation , we need first to define the food sensitivities, allergies and reduce the triggers which are the ongoings irritants to the mucosa of the small intestines linings .

So what are those triggers:

Here is a list of few triggers for the gut:

  • heavy metals (aluminium, arsenic, mercury …etc)
  • food intolerances and allergies: this is one of the culprit cause when the gut is ill, you started to become intolerant to almost everything as the body started to associate everything such as not digested foods,or dairy as pathogen .
  • antibiotics  and drugs especially anti inflammatories: they contained heavy metals such as aluminium
  • pesticides: In Cyprus, they tend to still use some Round up (glyphosate) even though it has been banned from Europe due to his toxicity
  • hormones, GMO
  • Candida or yeast growth: Gabrillian is following a diet that reduce candida 
  • harmful bacteria and harmful waves :according to some studies the exposure to EMF waves can make some bacterias such as E. coli anti bacterial  resistant  , so basically even antibiotics will then become inactif against infections.

What are the sources :


Did you ever think that your pan could be toxic for you ? Yes, Teflon coating pans contained PFOA which is cancerigen, hormone disruptor and a reproductive toxin. You can use instead stainless steel pan as an alternative .

Heavy metals sources:

  • Teflon coated pans, aluminium foils : In France , we like to cook fishes in aluminium foils , we called it “poisson papillotes”, in Cyprus they like to place potatoes in foils in oven or in barbeque . I learned to place some unbleached parchment paper instead .
  • Vaccines, antibiotics, anti inflammatories : I prefer to act as prevention and boost his immune function  to avoid infections in most cases. For this purpose, I used pure ” Frankincense” extract imported from the Sallalah desert of Oman,the highest quality and richest in Boswellic acid,  with a specific diet .In case he got sick I prepare some homemade Frankincense water. It is very efficient especially for colds, flues, body cleanse, gastroenteritis ….
  • Water: we drink only filtered water.
  • Fishes, meats: Fishes contain a lot of mercury so I used a ratio list for Mercury vs Selenium ratio to find out which fishes are better to avoid such as sharks, red mullet, sword fish from USA… In Cyprus, men like to hunt small birds and eat them as a delicacy, many lead poisoning have been reported after such a meal.

Pesticides, hormones :

  • Vegetables, fruits : extensive agriculture has leading to the use of strong pesticides which damage our gut linings . Apples, all greens, strawberries are some of the most contaminated by pesticides . I buy all of my greens salad, spinach , kales, apples , berries in an organic market .
  • Milk: I use alternatives such as unsweetened almond , coconut milk, they are delicious with oats, dairy free and free from hormones.
  • Chicken, eggs: I buy fresh organic, free range, grass feeding poultry and I make the original Dr Raj’ s recipe to heal and restore the gut lining.
  • Meats: Processed meat are often soya feeding, we eat clean, lean meat.
  • Farmed fishes: they also use soya to feed them so prefer wild fishes. I’m lucky that the father of my son is a passionate of fishing so we get some freshly caught fishes .
  • From wombs: Did you know that you can share through placenta, heavy metals such as mercury to your baby with such a thing as teeth filling ?!

Extract of The Recovery Protocol, by Ken Presner

It is not commonly known, but mercury from fillings crosses the placenta and is in the brain and every organ of the unborn child at 2x mother‘s levels. Mercury is also in breast milk. […]So, it is no surprise that there are many neurological diseases directly attributable to mercury poisoning from so-called silver amalgam fillings — including autism, cerebral palsy, ADD, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.”

Food intolerances and allergies:

  • Gluten : Today, our gluten has been much more modified in order to fit the “high consumption society” . The flour for our daily bread has been modified in order to be more flexible for industrial work that replaced the manual artisan world. Also due to a high consumption of it and the increase of toxins our digestive system has become more sensitive to it . It is then better to avoid it and eat cereal that are naturally without gluten such as buckwheat, millet, quinoa etc
  • Dairy: Gabrillian is intolerant to any dairy and actually most of the world population can tolerate no more than 12 g a day of dairy.

Dr Mathieu, hepato-gastroenterologist, CHU Grenoble, France

“There are 4.5 billion people on Earth who cannot digest dairy products. It can be felt as minor discomfort to a major one. “

I give to my son some coconut milk, cheese and yogurt without sugar.

  • Eggs
  • Dark vegetables: such as onions, tomatoes, eggplants…
  • FODMAP’s:{fermentable oligosaccharides (fructans, galacto-oligosaccharides), disaccharides (lactose), monosaccharides (fructose) and polyols (sorbitol, mannitol, xylitol, maltitol):

It is also found a lot in garlic, artichokes, peas, lentils, peaches, melon, pomegranate, grapes, sausages, honey, milk, apples, pears, asparagus, beets, cabbage, beans, coffee, parsley, leeks …

Sensitivity can vary from person to person. For example for my son it’s with beans but he can eat red lentils.

All dairy products are high in FODMAPs, and rye and barley are high in fructans and galactans.

How to find out ?

We started with an exclusion diet which consists of:

  1. exclude one food category (dairy products, gluten, etc.) at a time for a minimum of one week to one month
  2. seek clinical improvement: keep a daily diary with the composition of the different meals, the body’s reactions, the condition of the stools
  3. Then reintroduce that food, this is called a challenge test, so you can be sure whether or not you are food intolerant depending on the reaction (emergency, hives, stomach pain, hyperactivity, etc.).
  4. If this food causes an allergic reaction, then it is recommended:

– eliminate this ingredient for at least 6 months and reintroduce it once a week in your diet as a treat.

– take refreshing herbs regularly such as infusion of milk thistle or gentian or  homeopathic remedies to help support the membranes of the gastrointestinal tract.

Later, Dr Raj gave to my son: Berberris Homaccord, an homeopathic supplement to support the liver  and Bach flowers to calm the body under constant stress.


  • Do a Vega testing 

A Vega testing is a great tool to find out if you have any intolerances and good guidelines for your exclusion diet to know which particular food you should avoid. You might get surprised!

To do a Vega testing, a naturopath practionner use a bio resonance machine.

This machine explores our energetic relationship with a certain nutrient by working on the emitted frequency. The machine also emits a sound which can be quite pinched if the observed food were not good for Gabrillian. This means that this food creates a stress in his physical body. I also learned that this technique is also used in kinesiology, we apply an equal pressure on the outstretched arm of the person and if the person is weakened by such or such thought, the arm falls proving that the muscle itself become weaker …

When Dr Georges,the practionner who was treating Gabrillian, gave me the analysis sheet “Vegatest”, he explains me that Gabrillian is intolerant to citrus fruits, dairy products, so we had to avoid cow’s milk, goat’s milk ect and also any cheese, all yogurt, no butter …. Peas in general had to be avoided too with the exception of lentils, Dr Raj advised me later to prefer orange lentils. The worst thing for Gabrillian was sugar in all of these forms. Dr Georges explained me then that for most people sugar creates inflammation in the body , but in Gabrillian’s case it creates double inflammation.


  • Do a hair mineral testing

Did you know that we get rid of our toxins through our hair and nails ? 

That’s why this technique is very efficient in finding the amount and which heavy metals we are carrying in our body . It is recommanded to do it few times in order to find out if the mineral you use to get rid off of heavy metals is working .

When Dr Georgiou gave me the sheet, he explains me that the minerals, trace elements of Gabrillian were at a good level but the levels of Arsenic and Aluminum were quite high. 

Today we are adding to his food some spirulina.


Hair mineral testing

To conclude, to heal the gut is a long and  ongoing process but inevitable to detoxify the body and get good and lasting results. It took me more than a year to restore the digestion of Gabrillian. I heard from many families that they have been using some supplements which gave good results at the beginning and then fade away and that’s  because the first step is to heal the gut !

Is Muscular Dystrophy, a malnutrition problem?

“All diseases start in the Gut” Hippocrates

The first time , I heard about this, I was sitting in an Ayurveda training class. Sachin, the ayurvedic teacher was saying that : “if Sleep and Diet are ok, it’s already 50% cured”! He continued by saying that all diseases are consequences of a wrong diet and then an accumulation of undigested nutrients in the body called Aama.

Aama in Ayurvedic medicine: Error of metabolism due to weakness of digestion( Agni)  create metabolic errors then pathology.

So Aama would be a toxic residue in the body , a consequence of a weak digestion .The Ayurveda text here refers to the” fire of the digestion” which means the high or low acidity level of the stomach according to each person constitution.

For example if you eat too much spicy and greasy food  and you have a high acidity level in stomach ,this will create heartburn, acid reflux, bloating etc..Or if you eat too much mucus- forming ( dairy), oily food, salt , sugar, and you have a low acidity level in your stomach , you will experience a slow and difficult digestion , a sluggish immunity etc…

So when the digestion is disturbed, the body creates a mucus and fails to create the necessary enzymes to break down the food, and then vital nutrients won’t be absorbed by the body, resulting in malnutrition issues and then diseases.

Have you ever wondered when you take vitamins , and you see your urine become orange or bright yellow? why? You should have absorbed them , right? Or did you just throw your money to the toilet?

In India, they follow procedures in hospitals with ayurvedic doctors called Panchakharma. Individuals stays for at least 2 weeks and receive regular cleansing and purgation therapies in order to get rid off the Aama and they follow a specific diet with healing oils , herbs, spices, roots according to their own condition and constitution in order to restablish the digestive fire and then favorise digestion and absorption.

Have you heard about leaky gut syndrome?

One day , I asked Dr Raj, my son ‘s doctor: ” so first we need to work on the Leaky Gut , is that correct?”, his answer was positive . If we don’t heal first the gut , we will obtain very few results or short term results as “it’s like to have an open knob and trying to fill up a bathtub..”

How it works ?

There are some “tight junction proteins” as you can see that usually allow good nutrients to go to the bloodstream and prevent harmful compounds to enter the body.

When there is a damage of the intestine lining caused by medication , heavy metals , food intolerances, bad bacterias, harmful waves etc , those proteins doesn’t make their job and create an acute inflammation and then an auto immune condition called leaky gut Syndrome.

I remember, the first time I explained to Dr Georgiou , naturopath, that my son has already taken maybe 15 courses of antibiotics and he was only 3 years old. He told me: ” That’s a crime! ” and I understand why now ! He gave me some natural alternatives to antibiotics which does’t contain aluminium!

What is the link between Leaky Gut and Muscular Dystrophy?

We need here, to get aware: How is my digestion? How is my gut health ( balance between good and bad bacteria)?

We need to have a good digestion to absorb vital nutrients and then stay healthy.

Leaky Gut Syndrome creates nutritional deficiency because of metabolic errors such as a lack of enzymes necessary to break down nutrients which can’t then be absorbed by the body…

So Leaky Gut creates malnutrition which is the root cause of Muscular Dystrophy.

Nutritional Muscular Dystrophy is a disease caused by a deficiency of selenium and vitamin E in dietary intake. Wikipedia

In order to adress the real root cause of Muscular Dystrophy , we first need to restore the Gut and the inflammation caused by the Leaky Gut Syndrome.

One day , Dr Raj told me : ” All the World is now wondering how to detoxify , the secret is first you have to heal the Gut and after that it’s very easy with Cilantro, Chlorella…”

One of the first step I used to recover my son was to heal his Gut and only from there I could see positive and long term results !

Do you like to know more about the step by step program that I used for my son? You can contact me via this form and receive my newsletter.

How I improved my son’s immune system with an appropriate diet

I used to get so frustrated with Gabrillian’s immune system as soon as he was getting better , he was getting sick again  …A simple flu needed more than 2 weeks to heal and recover… And of course , doctors used to always prescribed him antibiotics and then another course…

A cough would affect systematically his bronchi and he would need ventolin to calm his asthmatic cough..

The doctors kept giving him different antibiotics as the treatment was not efficient …

A simple wound would become infected by swimming in a pool and required five course of antibiotics without success …

This used to be the everyday life of Gabrillian until I boost his immune system by changing his diet.

When Diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” Ayurvedic Proverb

Dr Raj is an alternative medicine practitioner and with his help we define a very strict, personalised and powerful diet for my son.


Extract of my report

During one of our regular skype call and appointments , Dr Raj explain me the procedure to follow when Gabrillian ‘s immune system is down and  need to be balanced …

Skype Call 7 August 2017

_ Hello Clementine, how are you? How is Gabrillian ?

_ Hello Dr. Raj, we are fine thank you, we have just returned from our trip to France for his muscle biopsy […] Gabrillian also had an infection with staphylococcus aureus in his leg … three times! The doctors and dermatologist told me to give him some antibiotics, which I did reluctantly and still the infection is coming back. I’m now giving him some Mangosteen juice …

_ That will not work … This kind of parasites are big time in the nose and ears and it will come back … I will tell you what you will do! The Bac-Tox remedy cure is the one for this kind of bacteria, you will give him in a liter of water with Solidago and Carduus (these are remedies for the liver and kidneys) to help with the elimination. Also you will make him the massage twice a day and give him the bone broth I recommended you twice a day. Also once a week you will rub it with hibiscrub that you will find in pharmacies.


_ I also noticed that Gabrillian get tired very quickly while eating and he vomited already twice…it was more bile than anything else, he says he can not eat, he is tired …

I notice Dr Raj’s slightly worried expression, then he pulls himself together and recommends the following things ..  

_”You are now going to avoid giving him nuts, seeds,… nut butters is okay though… No grain such as rice and quinoa, no vegetables with dark skins such as tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, potatoes …
Also avoid fruits and not too much legumes either ..
Give him a lot of green vegetables such as spinach, chard ect, which are easier to digest. Blend the vegetables  and keep only a few small pieces of meat in the soups. Give him eggs for breakfast and occasionally gluten-free porridge and twice a day, chicken broth with meat or fish and some green vegetables …”

After 2 weeks time, Gabrillian got much better, he didn’t vomit again neither he got again a staphylococcus infection!

There are different stage of my son’s diet and according to the condition of his gut and his immune system , I had to adapt and be more strict. Repairing the gut is not a ” straight line” process, there are ups and downs …

I also been monitoring and recording his everyday’s meals in a notebook and any body reactions such as loose stools, vegetables skin in stools, rushes, belly pain, constipation…

Today Gabrillian is still following the diet with less restrictions also he has loads of energy, he might get sick twice a year and I haven’t gave him antibiotics for maybe 2 years !

All diseases start in the Gut .”  Hippocrates



You can contact me on my email Clementine.ynna@hotmail.fr

I’ll be happy to assist you !

How I changed my son’s life going from a 2 years old boy with MD with clear Gower signs to a 5 years old boy able to ride a bicycle…

Secret  1  I changed my way of thinking and wrote clear goals!!!

Gabrillian was 2 years old when he started to walk even thought he kept falling…Few months later, I was announced by the director paediatrician of Bourgoin Hospital , France, that Gabrillian would need to undergo another EMG…he wrote in his letter to his colleagues neuro paediatricians that my son had an incorrect gait, an hyperlordosis, no achillean and rotulian reflexes,  clear Gower signs when standing or half kneeing positions, get easily tired,  not able to jump, neither to pedal…They thought about juvenile spinal amyotrophy, they are now talking muscular dystrophy

Today, Gabrillian he’s able to walk for 600 m without falling, he can climb stairs without help…and he can ride a bycycle. And last update, he is able to walk on a treadmill for 10 minutes with 0.5 kg on each leg.

My first and most important step was to change my mindset.

To change my outer world , I have to change first my inner world.

When you are no longer able to change a situation, you are challenged to change yourself” Victor Frankl

This quote appear on my screen when I was feeling in the worst bottom of my life, I was going through separation with my ex partner, my son was pre diagnosed at that time with SMA, I changed work place, I didn’t have money and I was in argument with my family..

All my life and my son’s life started to change when I decide to change my limiting beliefs, I benefit at that time of the help of an hypnotherapist…

Here is what I started to do…

  • I wrote my limiting beliefs on papers with a pencil( in our subconscious mind, pencil can be delated as our limiting beliefs );think about every complain you have, what you don’t want, what you don’t like…

At that time, I wrote : – a poor educational and medical system for Gabrillian( I’m living in Cyprus, a small island..; the doctors are not good, they don’t listen to me ; I don’t trust them, they know nothing, in France we do like that..ect)

– no financial support ( I was alone, my ex partner was earning less than I was, he can’t help us, the government give no help, nobody to help ect ..)

– no opportunities ( small island, there isn’t any good doctors, no good schools ect..)

– not enough Money, Time

– no cure for my son( on the internet they said there isn’t any cure, the doctors said there is no matter now to find quickly what G has cause there is nothing they can do…)

This was my mindset..

  • Then I reframed all of them :

Those limiting beliefs were only the reflection of my own perception, my way of thinking…I was in the victim hood, complaining and comparing my country, France to Cyprus( how to find people to help me when I constantly make them feel inferior and helpless), I was limiting myself to what I see front of me or heard( and actually I didn’t ask many questions.. I had already figure it all out ; that there is no facilities, help, etc).So, with the help of Mira, hypnotherapist, I decided to change it all, to change my perception…And miracles appear…

I started to questions every limiting beliefs: Is that true?Is that really true?

I wrote the way I wanted to be…what I wanted…I wrote the book of my life.

“My son benefits from the best medical and educational system”.

“Everything that I need to know, it’s revealed to me”. I’ m so thankful and grateful now that I attract  positive people, positive energies, positive opportunities around me”

” Everything that I need it’s coming to me”,” Money is the energy of Love and I am now carrying a lot of Love with me”,etc

I was repeating those sentences all day long, when I was driving, in the morning when I wake up, in the evening before going to bed( even when tired after work and taking care of my son, I was determinated).

  • I listen every day at least one hour to motivational audio recording

for example ‘Louise Hay How to heal your life’.

I did also at that time followed a program that help me to grow confidence, love for myself etc..The first audio recording that I have been listening to was Wallace Wattles The science of being great


I raised my feelings, listen to something that makes me feel good and resonate with my new perceptions of life. It’s kind of getting an approval and escape from your environment that probably doesn’t match with your new way of thinking.Every time, Louise Hay were saying about how our feelings, our thoughts can heal our lives , I believed it stronger and stronger until my faith grow so much that I weren’t going back in my old thought patterns.

Changing my life, healing my life changed completely the life of my son and his health.

Few month later, I got a phone call of my friend Mark telling me that he is now writing a book about Health and he is in contact with great experts, and found amazing gold informations that he’d like to share. He was completely convinced that this could help G , he was needing a case for his book and propose to support me financially in this experience.

So now , I had the best doctors, experts taking care of G, an access to the latest researches in alternative medicines, neuroscience, strong study cases showing that there is a cure,  a financial support, enough money( I also changed my professional situation with a better salary and a great help and support from the management team..) and an extra bonus ( the hotel I was working in, at that time, closed for a  year renovation so I got all the time necessary to travel to the different experts, to  organise and prepare new diet, supplements, juices, massage technics, studies, researches etc…

I am impeccable with my words and I don’t make assumptions:

Potential versus labels

First, I usually don’t say that my son has a muscular dystrophy only for official reasons and for you in order to relate to  us and when I say it I don’t feel the gravity and severity that the internet, media like to point out, my son has a muscle sensitivities and he is very active. Labels are bringing those children into an already projected future with ‘ no cure’ … I prefer to see the potential of my son.

When my friend Mark sent me this case about Ken Presner with MS, I accepted this study case without thinking that it’s different as my son has a muscular dystrophy…

MS and MD are both a chemistry problem affected by neurologic factors and if that’s working for him that can work for my son too. All kids are different, they are all different cases also doctors put them in same boxes according to same symptoms. I didn’t look at the label MS , I looked at the potential, the possibilities.

The first time, I met Dr Raj, he asked me first questions about what is bothering me with Gabrillian, in what he can help…When I explained him about his muscle sensitivities, his recurrent fallings, his belly pain, his recurrent infections,his stools problems etc …He told me that he sees in Gabrillian a lot of potential.

I believe that is the right state of mind to look at the potential of our children.

Hyperactivity can be regulated and sensitivity can be change as a strength..

The power of visualisations

I used to do every day visualisations, I visualise my son being cured.

There is one book that I really recommend to read, it’s called “How your mind can heal your body” by David R. Hamilton. David Hamilton used to work in the pharmaceutical world until he found out the powerful effect of the mind on the body while leading many studies about the placebo effect. He now travel the world offering some workshops for ill people to visualise their own healing .

In his book, he quotes  letters of  persons who have been using with success his visualisations to heal themselves following his advices. He is commenting them to find the best combination to heal the body.

Here some of his advices:

Avoid going against your body, a war against your disease, Love is always the solution..Prefer using an imaginary eraser to rub out abnormal cells..

Collective visualisations are powerful.

Healing can be sent to people, we just need to imagine the healing scene inside them. That’s what I did for my son and using quantum field and the power of colours make it even more efficient ( blue is calming, orange is joyful..)

Forgiveness and self expression. I undergo different process to release the past .One of the most efficient tool for me was to write a letter to the person I felt anger or grief.

Alignment with my actions

I took actions towards my setting goals, for example as I decided to opt for naturopathy and natural alternatives solutions, I started to not go anymore to the doctors every time I got sick  and use natural solutions that I have learned along the process with my son. I also started to learn more about it to finally become herbalist myself . Doing what we preach is a way of getting your own approval. This is really important cause you might find some resistances from your family, friends etc, about this new path you follow . My mother and my ex partner were against those therapies , they believed mainly in medical doctors( in France the pharmaceuticals are very powerful), also when they saw my determination and finally the results they changed their mind…My ex partner is still sometimes telling me that he doesn’t believe in those even everybody else can see improvements of G , also he follows my direction about the diet, massages etc…

Reality is really about what we want to see and what we believe.

I made a commitment to what I like to see and keep going in this direction, without listening or looking at other direction and constant actions  and finally it appears into my reality with new possibilities, new doors openings…




The beginning of the story

Gabrillian is born on the 17/08/12, it was a caesarean …He is born at 8 am and I got to hold him in my arms only at 5 pm, the doctors didn’t explain me anything, I was worried…Gabrillian got under various machine to open his lungs, for the jaundice….This was a very stressful experience for him and I.
As a baby, Gabrillian was very nervous, irritable.
I first start to breastfeed also he was constantly asking for milk and crying after , we tried with powder milk and he was feeling a little bit more full also he was crying again after. I couldn’t leave him just lying down, he wanted always to be in the arms and he would have made himself vomiting from the distress. In the evening during the night and after even day time he was crying for hours. I was going to different doctors who were not taking me seriously, they were saying that this is just colics… We tried different milk with less lactose, same results…Gabrillian was starting to get very irritable and was even starting to not want so much to eat…I start to look everyday on Google for someone with similar symptoms with solutions which I finally found under the name of GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease), I packed my suitcase and take flight to France, Gabrillian was only 3 months old…We arrived the night and the day after we were in the hospital “Mere Enfants” In Lyon, he was having an esophagitis ( inflammation of esophagus) due to the reflux..We checked for lactose allergy, with negative results also the allergologist can’t say about intolerances.
Gaby start to speak early, also he has difficulties to hold his head and taking weird positions to sleep with head at the back. At 1 year and half he was still not walking alone, we could see already many month ago that he was clearly ready to do it . He used to hold the table to walk and would fall often. We brought him to an orthopedist in France who told us not to worry some kids walk after the age of 2.
After few months back in Cyprus, we see another orthopedist which send us directly to a child neurologist, she check Gaby and talk to me about muscle weakness and prescribe physiotherapy and ergo therapy 2 a week and later an EMG( electromyogram). I don’t get alert, I don’t realize that the case of Gaby is important. The EMG give no results, they don’t have experience with children, my ex partner get angry, we stop the procedure and decide to do the exams in France.
I felt during those years a lot of anger and frustrations with doctors in general, in Cyprus, they don’t even speak to me, probably cause they feel uncomfortable to talk English..or they do not explain clearly, using terms that I don’t understand ect..
Finally I got to know that my son has a myopathy which they haven’t diagnosed yet. Gaby did undergo another EMG and some genetic tests , they came back negatif…The MRI of legs shows an amyotrophy on both quadriceps ..They are talking about muscular dystrophy…

Muscular Dystrophy: the Truth


Here is what I found out:

The real meaning


‘Trophy’ means ‘food’ or ‘nourishment’ in Greek; ‘dys’ signifies ‘difficult’ or problematic’, “bad, ill, abnormal”. So ‘muscular dystrophy’ simply means that ‘nourishment to the muscle tissue is being problematic or not going well’. ‘A-trophy’ simply means that there is no nourishment to the muscles. To overcome Muscular Dystrophy we need to find out why nutrition is not reaching the muscles, and secondly, how to get much higher levels of nutrition reaching the muscles.

This is one of the first message my friend Mark sent me, this is etymology , the analyse of the word origin, sometimes doctors used complicated words that hide actually an easy meaning.

The first time I met Dr Georges Georgiou, naturopath Da Vinci Center in Larnaca , Author of ‘ Curing the incurable with Holistic medicine: the Da Vinci secret revealed’, I explained him that the doctors are talking about muscular dystrophy also they haven’t found yet what is it exactly…He told me that none of this information explained the cause of problem also he said that even if we find a name of disease that wouldn’t give us explanations about how to treat it cause even the gene can modify again..

  • A nutritional deficiency

Nutrition is the base, the matter that has been used to create , to build our cells and it is also the material, the fuel that using our cells to function. The importance of food is the base of all ancestral medicine such as the Tibetan medicine which heal people using nutrition and mantras (intentions), Ayurveda medicine in  which doctors calculate Dosha unbalances responsible of diseases and cure with appropriate diet and herbs..Even Hippocrates, the ancestor and pioneer of the Medicine declared “ Let  food be thy medicine and medicine thy food”.

1 )Have you ever heard about genetrophic diseases?

The important interrelationship between food and the genes was first called the “genetotrophic concept” by Roger J. Williams, PhD. Dr. Williams, the discoverer of the B-vitamin pantothenic acid, has explained in his books and scientific papers how existing biochemical birth defects may be effectively overcome with optimum nutrition.  (Muscular dystrophy and individual metabolic patterns: The possibilities of a nutritional therapeutic approach. Proc. of the First and Second Medical Conferences [1951-1952] of the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc. of America, 118-22 .


In genetotrophic diseases, genetic abnormality leads to nutritional disability. To compensate, the body requires the availability of larger than normal quantities of one or more nutrients for the affected gene to successfully express itself. For that particular person, normal dietary vitamin intakes are quite inadequate for normal function. It is a bit like trying to take a hot bath with the drain open: it can be done, but you are going to need a lot more hot water.


“A disease state in which the genetic pattern of the client or patient requires an augmented supply of one or more nutrients in order to prevent the expression of a genetic predisposition.”

Williams RJ. (1953). Muscular dystrophy and individual metabolic patterns: The possibilities of a nutritional therapeutic approach. Proc. of the First and Second Medical Conferences [1951-1952] of the Muscular Dystrophy Assoc. of America, 118-22 (Additional references below, 4-7.)

So genetic diseases would be just a myth and the real explanation of repetition of the same disease in the same family would be just the consequence of a simple deficiency that can easily solved with appropriate extra nutritional supplementations.

2) Veterinary evidences: the cure for nutritional muscular dystrophy for lambs

Article from Wikipedia

Typical stance of affected lambs, with arched back
Nutritional Muscular Dystrophy (Nutritional Myopathy or White Muscle Disease) is a disease caused by a deficiency of selenium and vitamin E in dietary intake.[1] Soils that contains low levels of selenium produce forages and grains that are deficient in selenium. Similarly, if the forage is of low quality or is not stored properly it may be deficient in vitamin E.[1] If an animal consumes this type of diet without additional supplementation they become susceptible to this disease.[1] This condition often effects young ruminants, such as calves and lambs.[2]
Selenium and vitamin E are antioxidants therefore, deficiencies of these nutrients leads to oxidative damage to cells within the body. The muscle cells are the most vulnerable to damage in livestock species.[3]

Clinical symptoms
The oxidative damage causes degeneration of muscles, in particular those within the skeletal and cardiac systems.[4] If the cardiac muscles are impaired the animal may exhibit signs of respiratory distress.[1] While deterioration of skeletal muscles results in stiffness, weakness, and recumbency.[5]
Treatment & Prevention
If the diet is deficient supplement with selenium and/or vitamin E. Injections can be given to treat the condition or as a preventative measure.[1]

We understand in this article that selenium and vitamin E are keys ingredients to cure Muscular Dystrophy.

3) The appropriate nutritional supplementation for Muscular dystrophy

Dr Joel Wallash was graduated from the agriculture then veterinary school, he worked in Africa to study exotic animals…He then came back in US where he conducted many autopsy in the Zoo, he was in charge of looking for the most sensitive animal species to pollution and looking for the causes of natural causes of death.. What he found out is that all  were caused by  a nutritional deficiency…He then decided to become a naturopath physician to transfer his work to the human race.He is now the founder of Youngevity company specialised in nutritional supplements for muscular dystrophy, the only nutritional company to receive the sanction of FDA-authorized claims.

Dr. Joel Wallach writes in Let’s Play Doctor:

The selenium levels in preconception women is important to the maintenance of pregnancy as well as the prevention of muscular dystrophy in all of its forms (i.e. Duchenne, Erb (scapulohumeral), Leyden-Moebius (pelvis-femoral), Landouzy-Dejerine (facio-scapulo-humeral), Becker’s (benign juvenile) and Gowers (hands and feet)), which are in reality artificial classifications of MD by the groups of muscles initially affected. Keshan disease (heart muscular dystrophy) which is also caused by selenium deficiency should be added to the list of muscular dystrophies.  In the veterinary profession, muscular dystrophy (“White Muscle Disease”) has been eliminated by the use of selenium in pregnant females and rapidly growing prepubic animals. In addition to overt deficiencies of selenium in the diet, the celiac disease type changes in the small intestine caused by food allergies is the common cause of tissue deficiencies of selenium. The symptoms of MD can start with weakness, scoliosis (curvature of the spine), and enlargement of certain muscle groups (i.e. calves, trapezius, etc.) to compensate for the loss of strength of synergistic muscle groups. A muscle biopsy is usually done by a neurologist to make the diagnosis of MD. If selenium and vitamin E were to be given 1M or IV at the very first onset of symptoms, the disease will be arrested or maybe even “cured.” The “orthodox” doctors resort to prednisone and surgery. It would be much healthier to go to a veterinarian for help.  Treatment of MD and/or Keshan disease includes the use of

  • selenium orally (plant derived colloidal minerals), IV or 1M at 50-1,000 mcg per day (based on weight),
  •  vitamin E 1M at 80 mg per day, q selenium orally at 250-1,000 mcg per day,
  • vitamin E 800—1,200 orally,
  • sulfur amino acids IV as a complete amino acid infusion and orally in the form of free amino acids and sugarless Jello,
  • EFA at 5 gm t.i.d.
  • Avoid food allergens, excessive fats (no more than 20 percent of the calories each day as fat) fried food, and margarine.
  • Give choline as soy lecithin at 10—20 gm per day. Avoid exercise for one month during initial treatment period (this is the opposite recommendation from the “orthodox” treatment) to avoid undue injury to already biochemically compromised muscle tissue.

Todd Harrison case

Todd Harrisons’ Story

Todd’s Mission Todd Harrison’s mission is to educate the masses of people affected by Muscular Dystrophy.

Todd Harrison, 27, was diagnosed with Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 3. The disease has been seen for 3 generations in his family having a Great-Uncle who passed away in 1996, and an Uncle more recently in 2013. Todd knew what was coming to him growing up, but he always had the outlook that he would not end up in a wheelchair. In 2010, Todd’s family started a not for profit organization called Defying Muscular Dystrophy and later funded one FDA approved clinical trial for an electric stimulation machine called VECTTOR (www.VECTTOR.com). The study as reported today shows the most remarkable improvements in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy’s history. Todd did not stop here, early in 2013, he discovered from a Naturopathic physician that Muscular Dystrophy in animals was shown to be cured by supplementation of the mineral selenium in 1958. After hearing this fact, Todd started a long search on the Internet with archived websites which had historic newspaper articles and information that could not be found anywhere else. The information that he discovered verified one thing, Muscular Dystrophy is simply a nutritional deficiency disease. Todd Harrison is on a full Youngevity protocol involving Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Osteo Fx, Plus EFA Plus, Gluco Gel capsules, Utimate Selenium, HGH Youth Complez and Z Radical.
Here is a link where to find the products that he mentioned: http://poweruptoday.my90forlife.com/
Todd Harrison has been documenting his progress and it shows unbelievable progress in such a short time. He has released a documentary called Defying Muscular Dystrophy: The Truth.

Words from Todd:
“Why didn’t doctors know this, I asked myself.”
In my archived search, I learned that Medical Doctors are only trained in one field of medicine called Allopathy which has the definition of: A system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of drugs or surgery.
I quickly saw that Medical Doctors were the wrong doctors to seek advice for Muscular Dystrophy. I made the decision to only seek Naturopathy as a means to heal myself and you will see on this website amazing things happen when you give your body the proper nutrients.
Discovering all of this information gave me the motivation to build BeatMuscularDystrophy.com and to help as many people with Muscular Dystophy as I can. Anything is possible and everyone needs that one push to get what they want in life.
I urge you to contact me on Facebook or via E-mail at info@BeatMuscularDystrophy.com. It is time to make a change in your mindset and health.”
This is the Facebook Link of Defying Muscular Therapy: https://www.facebook.com/Defying-Muscular-Dystrophy-130631290315029/

What is Youngevity? It is a major force in Medical Nutrition. It is also known as the Medical Liberation Movement. They say when you support and promote the structure and function of the human body with 90 essential nutrients, miracles happen. This is the site for Youngevity Customer Defying Muscular Dystophy http://ggsworldwide.ning.com/blog/youngevity-customer-defying-muscular-dystrophy

What is Tangy Tangerine? It is a treatment that can vitaminise your body with 100% wholesome and nutritive certified organic vitamin and mineral blend with 140 ingredients including:
– 77 minerals (plant derived)

– 30 whole foods (indian gooseberry infused)

– 17 amino acids (whole food derived)

– 16 vitamins (synergized with raw fruits and vegetables)

– PrePro prebiotics & Probiotic Blend – PurigGenic Multifaceted Free Radical Defense System

https://www.facebook.com/130631290315029/videos/1374976699213809/ Todd talks more about Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0.

There are a total of 88 nutrients (Minerals, Vitamins and Acids) that you should feed daily. Some of the minerals cannot be found and supplementation is the solution. You don’t have to digest them. They get absorbed straight into the bloodstream and straight to the nucleus. Tangy Tangerine helps destroy free radicals in your body which help premature aging. Another critical ingredients are: Probiotic Fibers, FOS, Lactobacillus acidopholus. It also has Indian Gooseberry. It is a fruit that is effective in preventing toxic effects of liver damaging agents like ethanol, heavy metals and pollutants that we battle every day. Todd calls Tangy Tangerine 2.0 the King of Multi Vitamin and Mineral Complexes. Each isolated vitamin is synergized with actual whole foods ingredient.

Later on I talked with Todd Harrison on Messenger, he sent me videos about kids getting great improvements in just few weeks, they were able to stand in one leg longer, to walk longer  also their motivation were different , they were enthusiastic.


  • An intoxication

    1) Heavy metals poisoning


Heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, aluminium, mercury can be found in the food or drinks , this are the main source for children, also from amalgam fillings…

My son had  a quite high level of Arsenic and Aluminum, Dr Georges from Da Vinci holistic Center, explained that the Arsenic has probably been transferred through placenta by the mother’s womb, it is also found in the pesticides on vegetables… About the Aluminium, Dr Georges remind me not to cook with foil, and to  throw away any alumunium pans ..

Ken Presner cured himself of Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn’s disease by detoxifying himself of Mercury and other heavy metals. In his book, Against All Odds, Ken Presner says:

Nearly 100% of the hundreds of MS cases I have seen in the past 18 years have a history of silver amalgam fillings. It is actually a very rare case of MS that does not have silver amalgam fillings in the history, or in the history of the mother. Mercury crosses the placenta and is up to 2x more concentrated in the fetus than in the mother. Hence autism, cerebral palsy, ADD mental retardation, MD (Muscular Dystrophy) — and the 2008 lawsuit brought against the FDA by Moms Against Mercury regarding autistic children.

[…] You may have heard of children with ADD (Attention Deficit Syndrome), autism, mental retardation, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and Type I diabetes. Dental mercury crosses the placenta and poisons the brain and the other organs and bodily systems in the developing fetus. Unbelievably, mercury is often in the fetus at double the levels of mother’s mercury levels. Dental mercury favors the brain. It also attacks all the glands in the endocrine system including the thyroid gland and the pancreas.

[…] The sad truth is that, for decades, millions of people have been suffering and dying from mercury poisoning disguised by various disease names: autism, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), mental retardation, MD (Muscular Dystrophy), Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) and Lupus.

Many children with no mercury fillings are autistic or suffer from other serious neurological problems like ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). But they are still mercury toxic. Mercury leaches from mother’s fillings, crosses the placenta and ends up in the brain of the unborn child. Mercury is also in breast milk. Dental mercury is so powerful that autism, ADD, mental retardation, MD (Muscular Dystrophy) and Cerebral Palsy can result from mother’s ―silver amalgams‖. These facts are well-documented.”

This extract from Ken Presner’s book explain how heavy metals are the causes of many diseases such as MD. In his book” My recovery protocol” , Ken Presner explained how important is the detoxification process, the different techniques he has been used  during 4 years to finally get successfully  cured. His book is divided into 2 parts, the Detoxification including chelation, that remove mercury and other metals from the tissues, organs and bodily systems, and the Revitalizing process with nutritional supplementation that takes place even during the detoxification protocol.

2) Vaccines and pesticides

Aluminium in Vaccines May Lead To Auto-Immune Disorders and Brain Inflammation

Aluminium is a known neuro-toxin. It may lead to auto-immunity disorders, long-term brain inflammation and associated neurological complications, and thus may have profound and widespread adverse health consequences. According to a new study published in Current Medical Chemistry, children up to 6 months of age receive 14 to 49 times more aluminium from vaccines than the FDA safety limits allow.

The Hepatitis B Vaccine Is Linked To Multiple Sclerosis, Arthritis, and Guillain-Barré

The Hepatitis B vaccine is associated with an increased risk of multiple sclerosis, according to the medical journal Neurology (2004 September 14). This vaccination is associated with the rare autoimmune neurological condition transverse myelitis.

Vaccines May Be Causing The ‘Autoimmune’ Disease Epidemic

Autoimmune diseases include Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes, Arthritis, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Celiac disease, Addison’s disease, Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative colitis, Endometriosis, Graves Disease, Lyme disease, Sjogren’s disease, Kawasaki syndrome, Ankylosing spondylitis, Autism, and nearly 100 other diseases.

Dr. John Bergman blames vaccines for this ‘autoimmune’ epidemic. He says: “With 69 different vaccines injected into children… well, we now see a response in our bodies and a massive rise in inflammatory brain disorders like encephalitis and autism, or inflammatory lung disorders, like Asthma; inflammatory sinus issues like sinusitis; inflammatory gut reactions like colitis and IBS, etc.”. The Journal of Autoimmunity (February 2000) states: “Even though the data regarding the relation between vaccination and autoimmune disease is conflicting, some autoimmune phenomena are clearly related to immunisation.

The use of pesticides is now well documented, they use them  in agriculture and we found them on our vegetables, they are also sprayed and travel through air…They can cause cancer, neurological and reproductive disorders.

To conclude, I would say that one of the major turn for me was also when in the Hospital as I was watching some videos that my friend Mark sent me. Those videos were about autistic child and the truth about vaccines and I realized how close was the behavior, the gait of those “toxic” children to my son Gabrillian and all of the lies from the Medical corporations. It became very clear to me that Gabrillian were just intoxicated by those chemicals, vaccines, pesticides, drugs; so far from what the doctors said about genetic and incurable disease.

Toxins can be eliminated, the process can be reversed and Gaby can be cured. It was so clear, so obvious that even Gabrillian lying in this hospital bed, I could clearly picture him running, jumping, happy…

Here is my email address: ynnaclementine@gmail.com

If you like to know more about the steps I have taken to improve the strength of my son, feel free to contact me, I’ll be happy to help.