I am Clementine Tsvetanov and I am a Neuro Reflex Rehabilitation specialist.

I help mothers with MD children who lost muscle strength and vitality to see their children to increase strength , grow muscles and live a healthier and autonomous life!

Rehabilitation Program for mothers with Muscular Dystrophy children

One of my biggest AHA moment , it’s when I discovered that “Muscular Dystrophy” simply means
“ bad nutrition to the muscles” (Williams RJ. (1953). Extract of Muscular dystrophy and individual
metabolic patterns)

Do you like as me to discover the Real Truth about Muscular Dystrophy and help your child to
rebuild muscles and increase vitality in a natural and non invasive way ?

This is for you if you are a mother :

_ who maybe have tried many different things and feel sometimes disappointed about traditional
medical care!
_ who is feeling often tired to wait for a “miracle” cure !
_ who is feeling sometimes hopeless while watching her child loosing weight and his ability to
move !
_ who often can’t sleep at night worrying and grieving for her child !
_ who maybe have experienced many letting down and feel ready now to do whatever it takes to
help her child !

What do you need the most right now ?

_ You need a proven method and system that work !
_ You need someone that knows about your situation and that have experienced the same
challenges as you and your child !
_You need personal guidance from an expert who has successfully overcame and found solutions
for Muscular Dystrophy!

How Muscular Dystrophy No More 4X can help:

_ Grow muscles and regulate the loss of weight commun in MD
_ Increase energy and time of being in movement ( ex: swimming, walking longer time )
_ Stop constipation commun in bed ridden children and muscular weakness
_ Stabilises digestion to increase absorption of vital nutrients necessary for muscle function
_ Increase movement of arms and legs and decrease joint stiffness with specific brain gym
_ Correction of gait ,scoliosis, hyperlordosis, valgus and prominent belly
_ Strengthen muscles for better plantar flexion and decrease toe walking commun in MD
_ Improve immune function
_ Help sleep and breathing problems such as nasal polyps , respiratory disturbances, inefficient
cough, sleep disordered breathing …
_ Decrease anxiety and depression in children with MD
_ increase attention and help learning disabilities such as ADHD commun consequence due to low dystrophin

Muscular Dystrophy Mindset Shift
  • Veterinary evidences
  • Clementine and Gabrilian story
  • Other successful stories
  • Clementine guidance
  • 6 weeks program for mindset shift with weekly meeting
Muscular Dystrophy Specific Diet
  • Specific program to regulate amino acids and ATP for muscle growth and motor function
  • Anti inflammatory diet to repair gut necessary for good nervous function, increase mobility and
  • Super food and supplements for optimal brain and nerves development
  • List of foods to avoid to reduce muscle loss and fatigue
  • Illustrated PDF files with grocery list , food to avoid, menu programs, videos for specific recipes
Muscular Dystrophy Detox Program

_ Necessary for optimum results : repair the gut, increase motor function and immunity

  • list of triggers to eliminate to decrease heavy metals from body
  • Laboratory tests and exams recommandations
  • Herbal supplements, parasites cleanse, homeopathic remedies, vitamins recommandation
  • Follow ups through emails and videos calls
Muscular Dystrophy Nerve and Muscle Reflex Rehab Training

_ Re-train motor function and central nervous system for walking thanks to Neuro plasticity , the
capacity for brain and nerve cells to regenerate
_ Work on the primary root cause of Muscular Dystrophy to regulate the chemistry of the body
NOT the symptoms

  • Stimulate brain and spinal reflexes to correct scoliosis or other postural problems
  • Regulate CPK level, cholesterol
  • Stabilise intestine muscles by activating reflexes in the colon and re-train muscles .
  • Activate blood circulation to avoid cold feet cold hands and increase oxygen for new cells
  • Brain gym to increase coordination, joint flexibility, motor function, eye correction
  • Regulate frontal lobe for better attention , focus, and behaviour pattern
  • Home based program and Online family training from the confort of your home
  • Close up videos for each specific technique
  • Clementine’s personal guidance and follow ups

Services :
_ Hormonal Balance
_ Weight Loss & Addictions
_ Immune & Auto Immune Disorder
_ Postural Correction
_ Special school needs
_ Parkinson and Dementia
_ Trauma & Anxiety Disorder

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